Switch is a unique and innovative platform designed to facilitate architecture and design fraternity with a chance to step into the shoes of great architects and re-design/re-create some of their best works of architecture. We are an international idea-based architectural competition website with a format that allows students and architecture professionals to create their own perspective of architectural icons keeping the site and programmatic constraints intact.  Architectural icons, with a high degree of poetic vision, innovation and timelessness have strived to create a new architectural order and influence the context in a powerful way. Architects and students have always wanted to emulate/incorporate/criticize/improve or change the vision behind cult architectural icons depending upon how they perceive the work.  The prospect of being able to ‘switch’ an architectural classic on the same blank slate will help to stimulate and expose the minds of participants to a new level.  The architecture competition demands a new vision and approach to the design of an icon that would be a worthy tribute to its existing namesake on the ground. Switch is a portal designed to go ‘back to the future’, stand tall with the masters and re-define their architecture classics in your own way.